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Effective branding is a science, not an art


Whether it's a company, product, or service, effective marketing always revolves around answering two business-critical questions:

1. What is it?

2. What's it called?

It's true - no aspect of marketing is more used and less understood than naming and branding. You can tell because too many marketing professionals refer to naming and branding as an art. In reality, people call something "an art" when they don't understand it well enough to explain.

And, naming matters a lot. In fact,
when it comes to marketing, no decision you'll ever make is more important than what you name your company, product, or service.

I create brands that work because they're the result of a proven process. Moreover, because the brands work, the marketing works, too. 


To be clear, the brands I create aren't just "sticky" and unforgettable, they're unique and become demonstrable, long-term assets for a company. And, the proven, repeatable naming process I leverage and teach is called Diablo.


Diablo is dangerous because not only does it work, after attending, people look at naming, branding, and even the discipline of marketing in a whole new light. Basically, Diablo kinda blows their minds.

Here are just a handful of company, product, and service names I've created over the years. Each one is a success with a story to tell. So, drop me a line to learn more about Diablo - I can show you how to get company, product, and service naming and branding right every time!

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