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Most professionals haven't had formal presentation training - and it shows

Of all the marketing tools and tactics used today, none is more powerful than an effective presentation. It's true - like nothing else, effective presentations demonstrate leadership, motivate customers to action, and strengthen a company's bottom. Still, the vast majority presentations fall flat. As a result, they actually damage the brand.

Encore is the answer.

Encore is customized, one-of-a-kind corporate presentation workshops, training, and coaching. It teaches a proven, proprietary process that when put into practice, empower attendees to give truly great presentations.

In short, with Encore you can say goodbye to bad presentations because attendees learn advanced techniques for presentation:

- Strategy
- Structure
- Goals

- Content and messaging
- Slide design
- Delivery/story telling techniques
- Stage presence techniques
- Audience engagement
- Keys to managing fear
- Practice strategies, tips, and techniques
- Much more!

Keep in mind, webinars are formal presentations conducted through an online format. So, if your company is giving webinars and online conferences by people with no formal presentation training, there's a high probability you're not only missing opportunity, your company's reputation is taking a hit.

The bottom line is that participating in tradeshows, conferences, and events, as well as conducting webinars, is expensive. Get the most ROI possible by having the right training. For more information, visit the Encore web site or drop me a line today and let's talk about Encore - you'll be glad you did!

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