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Gotta Love a Good Brochure

As a freelance marketing professional with more than twenty-five years of experience across multiple B2B and consumer industries, I bet I’ve created, worked on, and managed well over 200 brochures. And, I have to admit, producing a really good one like this just-released co-branded Rev1 Energy and Procore piece never gets old.

It’s true - to this day I enjoy working with a team and the sense of accomplishment we get when we’ve completed a complex marketing project. And, I realize it’s not a new, revolutionary product or technology but, I know this is a good brochure because there’s a part of me that wants to run home as quick as I can, show it to my mom, and watch her tape it to the refrigerator door for the whole world to see!

Of course, brochures are just one area of expertise so, whenever you’re in need of highest-level marketing consulting, planning, tools, or tactics (virtually anything marketing related), drop me a line at 832.778.0027 or - I’d love to help you with your next marketing project.

Download • 5.71MB

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