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Nothing's more powerful than a great presentation

Of all the marketing tools and tactics at our disposal, nothing’s more powerful than a company representative standing in front of a small group of current or potential customers and convincingly telling them, “We have the solution to your problem. And, here it is.” The only issue is that most presentations are trash. Yep, even a halfway decent presentation has more positive impact on customers than a trade show booth’s design, the accompanying collateral, or an ad in the conference program. But, most presentations fall flat because of two big reasons: - Those giving presentations have had zero formal presentation training

- The limited training most professionals have received is archaic It’s true - internal presentation peer reviews don’t help because nearly all reviewers have no formal presentation training themselves (it’s the proverbial blind leading the blind). And, I know from personal experience that although Toastmasters is better than nothing, it pretty much teaches how to give a solid presentation from the mid 1950s. Soon, tradeshows and conferences will be back in full swing. And, your customers will be there in droves. So, now’s the time to get ready. If you want the greatest possible return on what’s most likely your company’s single, biggest marketing investment each year, include presentations at your trade shows and conferences - nothing’s more powerful. Just be sure to drop me a line so you or your employees can learn how to do them well! Whether it’s a multi-day group workshop or individual training and coaching, Encore teaches a proven process that can be used repeatedly to give great presentations and pitches. Specifically, it shows attendees how to structure a modern presentation, design slides, manage stage fright, and much, much more. In short, it covers EVERYTHING that’s needed to give truly excellent presentations time and time again. I know we’re not quite there yet but, a return to conferences and trade shows is right around the corner so, now’s the time to prepare. To learn more, email me directly at or visit Encore's web site today - you’ll be glad you did! #marketing #presentations #squiresmarketing

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