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Oil and gas marketing is a lot like New York

There are some effective marketing best practices retail/consumer-based marketing leverages which, for the most part, B2B/technical marketing doesn’t. So, I have no doubt retail/consumer marketing experience can help someone be a more effective B2B marketer. However, a combination of more than two decades’ worth of B2B and retail marketing experience has shown me that if you can effectively market in O&G, you can market anywhere.

It’s true - I’ve had virtually the same conversation a hundred times where someone questions whether or not extensive B2B experience is applicable to retail/consumer-based company, product, or service marketing. In fact, not long after starting a job where I was new to the industry, a co-worker (who knew my background) asked me, “So, what do you know about replacement windows and patio doors?” I was tempted to say, “Among other things, I’ve effectively marketed multi-million dollar subsea safety systems around the world for a Fortune 500 company. So, I’m pretty sure I can get my head wrapped around replacement windows and patio doors.” As it turned out, I was right so, “I’m looking forward to working together,” really was the best response.

Ultimately, it’s my personal experience that’s helped me forge the belief that B2B marketing is inherently more challenging than consumer/retail marketing. As a result, I think it’s my O&G/B2B marketing experience that’s made me a stronger retail/consumer marketing professional - as opposed to the other way around.

More importantly, what are your thoughts when it comes to B2B/industrial and retail/consumer marketing? Drop me a line here or email me directly at and let’s chat. I’d love to hear from you!

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